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  • by Jeffrey Heninger
    A TAI which kills all humans, without first ensuring that it is capable of doing everything required for its supply chain, takes a risk of destroying itself. This is a form of potential murder-suicide, rather than the convergent route to gaining long-term power.
  • by Katja Grace
    Originally published 8 March 2023 In our survey last year, we asked publishing machine learning researchers how they would divide probability over the future impacts of high-level machine intelligence between five buckets ranging from ‘extremely good (e.g. rapid growth in human flourishing)’ to ‘extremely bad (e.g. human extinction).
  • by Jeffrey Heninger
    AI Safety researchers and AI Capabilities researchers are part of the same community because they both believe that the long-term goal of humanity should be a technological utopia, and the most useful tool for building Our Glorious Future is AGI.

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