AI Impacts is supported by Open Philanthropy, the Survival and Flourishing Fund, and other private donors. We have previously received support from the Center for Effective Altruism, Fathom Computing, the Future of Life Institute and the Future of Humanity Institute.

Further donations support additional research, primarily by covering our operating costs, enabling a summer internship program, and allowing us to hire additional researchers, but sometimes through paying for short term contract work such as outsourceable data collection, or auxiliary activities such as workshops and conference attendance. We are currently not fully funded through 2023 and expect to be able to make good use of additional funds.

New work on AI Impacts is currently being done at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute.

In order to support AI Impacts, you can:

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Send a Check

Please make checks payable to:

Machine Intelligence Research Institute
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and include “For AI Impacts” on the memo line. If this is not included, the Machine Intelligence Research Institute will not know to direct your donation to AI Impacts.

Please include a note with an email address or mailing address so we can provide a tax receipt.