Nature of AI

Do neural networks learn human concepts?

This page is a stub. It does not necessarily represent much of what is known on the topic. Our understanding is that the degree to which neural networks learn concepts that are potentially understandable to

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AI Vignettes Project

Posted Oct 12 2021 The AI Vignettes Project is an ongoing effort to write concrete plausible future histories of AI development and its social impacts. Details Purposes We hope to: Check that abstract views about

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Fiction relevant to AI futurism

A list of stories potentially relevant to thinking about the development of advanced AI, including both those intended as futurism and those intended as entertainment.

Research problems

AI Impacts key questions of interest

Updated Dec 17, 2020 This is a list of questions that AI Impacts focuses on answering. Details We are interested in understanding how the development of advanced AI will proceed and how it may affect