GoCAS talk on AI Impacts findings

By Katja Grace, 27 November 2017 Here is a video summary of some highlights from AI Impacts research over the past years, from the GoCAS Existential Risk workshop in Göteborg in September. Thanks to the folks there


Price performance Moore’s Law seems slow

By Katja Grace, 26 November 2017 When people make predictions about AI, they often assume that computing hardware will carry on getting cheaper for the foreseeable future, at about the same rate that it usually

AI Timelines

2017 trend in the cost of computing

The cheapest hardware prices (for single precision FLOPS/$) appear to be falling by around an order of magnitude every 10-16 years. This rate is slower than the trend of FLOPS/$ observed over the past quarter century,

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Hardware and AI Timelines

Price-performance trend in top supercomputers

A top supercomputer can perform a GFLOP for around $3, in 2017. The price of performance in top supercomputers continues to fall, as of 2016. Details maintains a list of top supercomputers and their