Introducing research bounties

By Katja Grace, 7 August 2015

Sometimes we like to experiment with novel research methods and formats. Today we are introducing ‘AI Impacts Research Bounties‘, in which you get money if you send us inputs to some of our research.

To start, we have two bounties: one for showing us instances of abrupt technological progress, and one for pointing us to instances of people acting to avert risks decades ahead of time. Rewards currently range from $20 to $500, and anyone can enter. We may add more bounties, or adjust prices, according to responses. We welcome feedback on any aspect of this experiment.

Thanks to John Salvatier for ongoing collaboration on this project.

We welcome suggestions for this page or anything on the site via our feedback box, though will not address all of them.


    • Both are still active, though note that there have been many submissions, so there will be a substantial delay on our responding to new ones. Also, it is more likely now that people earlier in the queue have suggested a thing that isn’t up on the site yet.

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