New funding for AI Impacts

By Katja Grace, 4 July 2015

AI Impacts has received two grants! We are grateful to the Future of Humanity Institute (FHI) for $8,700 to support work on the project until September 2015, and the Future of Life Institute (FLI) for $49,310 for another year of work after that. Together this is enough to have a part time researcher until September 2016, plus a little extra for things like workshops and running the website.

We are big fans of FHI and FLI, and are excited to be working alongside them.

The FLI grant was part of the recent contest which distributed around $7M funding from Elon Musk and the Open Philanthropy Project to projects designed to keep AI robust and beneficial. The full list of projects to be funded is here. You can see part of our proposal here.

This funding means that AI Impacts is no longer in urgent need of support. Further donations will likely go to additional research through contract work, guest research, short term collaborations, and outsourceable data collection.

Many thanks to those whose support—in the form of both funding and other feedback—has brought AI Impacts this far.

We welcome suggestions for this page or anything on the site via our feedback box, though will not address all of them.

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