Supporting AI Impacts

By Katja Grace, 21 May 2015

We now have a donations page. If you like what we are doing as much as anything else you can think of to spend marginal dollars on, I encourage you to support this project! Money will go to more of the kind of thing you see, including AI Impacts’ existence.

Briefly, I think AI Impacts is worth supporting because AI is a really big deal, improving our forecasts of AI is a neglected leg of AI preparations, and there are cheap, tractable projects which could improve our forecasts. I hope to elaborate on these claims more quantitatively in the future.

If you like what we are doing enough to want to hear about it sometimes, but not enough to want to pay for it, you might want to follow us on Facebook or Twitter or RSSs (blog, featured articles). If you don’t like what we are doing even that much, and you think we could do better, we’d always love to hear about it.

(Image: Rosario Fiore)

We welcome suggestions for this page or anything on the site via our feedback box, though will not address all of them.

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