Index of articles about hardware

Hardware in terms of computing capacity (FLOPS and MIPS)

Brain performance in FLOPS

2019 recent trends in GPU price per FLOPS

Electrical efficiency of computing

2018 price of performance by Tensor Processing Units

2017 trend in the cost of computing

Price-performance trend in top supercomputers

2017 FLOPS prices

Trends in the cost of computing

Wikipedia history of GFLOPS costs

Hardware in terms of communication capacity (TEPS)

Brain performance in TEPS (includes the cost of brain-level TEPS performance on current hardware)

The cost of TEPS (includes current costs, trends and relationship to other measures of hardware price)

Information storage

Information storage in the brain

Costs of information storage

Costs of human-level information storage


Costs of human-level hardware

2019 recent trends in Geekbench score per CPU price

Trends in DRAM price per gigabyte

Effect of marginal hardware on artificial general intelligence

Research topic: hardware, software and AI

Index of articles about hardware

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